Having been running Football-Development.co.uk since 1998 and helping hundreds if not thousands of young players, parents and clubs at all levels of the game achieve their goals, we think we are the best choice for information and services to help you, your club or your league.

If you require additional support or advice, we will endeavour to help. The team behind Football-Development has 27 years experience of grassroots football and football at various levels including professional of the football pyramid, including playing, coaching, being a referee, being a Club Official at a Charter Standard Club and working with local authorities, the FA and the Football Foundation.

This website aims to be a guide to pointing people in the right direction but if you have a more complicated problem or just need help moving forward we offer a freelance service.
If your task is one that will take up a lot of time we will provide you with a quote for undertaking the work.
For example, you could ask us to:
* create a club website (free under our name link)
* create a club handbook (free on line)
* create a football development plan
* data-input your club members into a spread sheet.
* research football grants you could apply for.
Club or League Website Package (FREE!)
Football-Development can design your new club website. We can even help maintain the site for you (Fee!) but most clubs/leagues like to be responsible for their own content. Our template allows clubs to be responsible for their own site without the need learn HTML. If you can type an email you can update your own site.

 There are a number of rule changes for the 2009-2010 season. For the full details, please download the new Standard Code of Rules for Adult and Youth Leagues at the bottom of this page

The main changes deal with powers of the Management Committee in misconduct matters; undesirable conduct by players; abandoned matches; certain financial penalties and amendments to Rules.
There are extra changes for youth leagues dealing with fines and compilation of results and playing data.

Football-Development.co.uk  have designed an easy to use excel spreadsheet to help clubs manage club finances.

  Our Spread Sheet 'COMING SOON' Ask us for a beta if you want to test it.

The spreadsheet gives you a month-by-month breakdown on spending, as a final balance sheet or you can try the following to install on your PC (note. We are not responsible for any malware or virus that may be in third party software or scripts).




A Constitution is to make sure the whole club conforms to the criteria of The F.A. and within the rules and regualtions of Football Association Rules and Regualtions and keeps the club members informed of what is required and expected at all times.

It comes in the form of policy and codes of conducts forms or a complete constitution.

Eg. Constitution




Clubs must keep a cashbook and forward audited accounts of the Club to the County FA if requested.

Counties FA appreciate that the majority of clubs will not have trained accountants and if the club is small, then it is not practical to hire an accountant/book-keeper. Of course if one of your players/parents/volunteers comes from a financial background then it would certainly help your club.

Treasurers need to keep separate records for all income and where it has come from. The same applies to expenditure and where the money has gone. The income and expenditure needs to be recorded on a regular basis (monthly should be fine) and balanced at least on an annual basis.
If you require more help, please contact your county FA or your bank or email us with details of your query.