The rough timetable below is a good starting point on how to plan for a season.
Hold your AGM so that you know who is performing what roles/tasks for the season ahead.
Make sure all the teams have completed and sent off affiliation to the County FA and to the leagues.
Book your pitches early. It is also advisable to book any winter training facilities (i.e sports hall, astroturf) early.
Calculate your club subscription rate and/or set dates for fundraising schemes. Clearly make it known who is collecting the subscriptions and when they have to be paid by.
Organise Kit & Equipment
This is a great time to get your new team wear and equipment for the new season or clean up and take stock.

Ensure each team has a good size squad of players.

Set dates for your club meetings and also clearly list the dates of any league and County FA meetings that your club will be expected to attend. Clubs are generally fined for not attending league meetings.

Ensure all players are registered with appropriate leagues. Some leagues have strict deadlines when a minimum number of players have to be registered by.

Friendly Fixtures
Arrange fixtures with other affiliated clubs, remembering to book pitches and referees if necessary.
During The Season - Games
Before the game
Confirm the match details with your opponents, match officials and your players. Some leagues make it the responsibility of the home club to inform the away teams of the match arrangements.

On the day of the game (home team)

Ensure you have access to changing facilities, and that goal nets, pegs and corner flags are in place.
Match Officials
Make sure you pay the match officials and that you have their name, as you will need to put their name down on the match report sheet/card.

As soon as the game is finished make sure you inform the league of your result. Some leagues will ask for both team goal scorers, so make sure you have this information.
During The Season - Other
Regular Meetings
You will already have set out your club meeting dates during the close season, but the secretary will need to make sure they are up to date with the minutes and agendas.

Disciplinary Procedures
Hopefully you will not have too many to deal with. The Club Secretary must make sure the forms and fines are returned within the time frame. Keep a record of all discipline and make sure suspended players do not play.
End of season

Presentation Evening
Arrange a presentation evening, have a rest and get ready for it all again.

Just imagine if all the volunteers involved in football went on strike!

It is vital that volunteers feel appreciated and have a support network available to them.
Ideas on how to keep volunteers involved in your club:

-A public individual thank you at presentation evenings and club functions.
-Involve volunteers in team photos.
-A club award, ie. a certificate to each member.
-Nominate volunteers for the FA Workforce Awards