Club secretaries need to keep a list of all club players, but club secretaries should go a stage further and keep a list of all club members.

Below you will see a sample player registration document for you to use. Register and Sign in to download.
The excel download below is a document listing all the information you require regarding players at your club. You will also see a section regarding club members, which will help to identify which individuals require additional training or when 1st aid and or safeguarding certificates need renewing. By using the drop-down filer option at the top of each column will help you see at a glance, who is in which team or who has not done that particularly coaching course.
The added benefit of using this document is that you can send out mail-merges or pre-populate your annual player retention forms.
For more information about mail-merging please click here


It is important that every club has its own rules and policies in place.

When starting out this can seem like a daunting process but the FA have developed some template guides for clubs which are listed below.

Charter Standard: Downloads

Clubs are the heartbeat of football in this country. That is why The FA Charter Standard club programme, which raises standards and recognises and rewards quality, is so important.

Every player at some stage of their career will play in a grassroots club. We have a shared responsibility to ensure that this experience is a positive one - whether you are six or 60.

The FA Charter Standard Programme provides recognition that clubs are well run and sustainable, with child protection and safety paramount. It also recognises a club's commitment to coaching, player and coach development, and the raising of standards of behaviour in the game - all of which are big priorities for both me and The FA.

I am grateful for all the support provided by County FA officials to promote and develop The FA Charter Standard programme. The programme provides a benefit for everyone in the game, The FA, County FAs, coaches, volunteers, parents, but most importantly the players.

So thank you for everything you do to develop the game and the very best wishes for the future.

Jonathan Hall
Director of Football Services, The FA

Below is a full list of application and support resources. Click on the relevant link to download.

Supporting policies and guidance

- Player recruitment policy
- Coach recruitment and development policy
- Refereeing recruitment and development policy
- Volunteer recruitment policy
- Football workforce development
- Roles and responsibility
- Club complaints procedure policy
- Goalpost safety guidelines
- Press release guidelines
Celebrating football photographs and video
- Dealing with an incident/accident
- Appointing a club welfare officer
- Guidance notes for club welfare officers

Good practice templates

- Club rules
- Club rules explanation
- Code of conduct for football
- Code of conduct for football explanation
- Code of conduct for coaches
- Code of conduct for coaches explanation
- Code of conduct for adult players
- Code of conduct for adult players explanation
- Code of conduct for youth players
- Code of conduct for youth  players explanation
- Code of conduct for team officials
- Code of conduct for team officials explanation
- Code of conduct for parents/carers/spectators
- Code of conduct for parents/carers/spectators explanation
- Club programme equality policy
- Club programme equality policy explanation
- Club programme child protection policy
- Club programme child protection policy explanation

Useful forms

- Membership registration form
- Medical consent form
- Team membership register
- Training attendance register
- Venue risk assessment/goalpost safety form
- Incident/accident reporting form
- Annual review - players
- Annual review - coaches
- Annual review - parents/carers
- Equality monitoring form
- Volunteer application form
- Club monitoring
- Club league feedback
Club annual league feedback  
- Qualification records

Football development plans

- Community club development plan
- Community club development plan (example)
- Development club development plan
- Development club development plan (example)
- Football development toolkit
- Football development toolkit (example)

Application and GiF forms

- Charter Standard club application form
- Charter Standard development club application form
- Charter Standard community club application form
- Charter Standard adult club application form
- Annual health check
- Frequently asked questions

- Get into Football Festival Pack 
- Get into Football - Michael Owen Certificate 
- Get into Football - Eniola Aluko Certificate

Charter Standard Leagues

- CSL Guidance for Leagues
- CSL Role of the Youth League Welfare Officer
- CSL Equality and Education Programme
- CSL Safeguard Children Policy
- CSL and Respect: FAQs
- CSL Open and Inclusive Clubs and Leagues
- CSL Full-Time Key Features

- CSL League Equality Policy and Complaints Procedure
- CSL League Development Plan Template
- CSL Coordinator Role Description
- CSL Better Players Guidance Note
- CSL Appointing a Charter Standard Youth League Welfare Officer

By Kind Courtesy of The FA 


What happens if the Club Secretary goes on holiday?
Inform the County FA in writing, as sometimes the County FA require a reply to correspondence from the club within 7 days. Make the County FA aware of a alternative contact and address. If the club was to fail to deal with the correspondence they could be suspended from playing and or have a fine for not replying..

What happens if the Club Secretary leaves?
Inform the County FA who the new secretary is and their contact details. Clubs must have a club secretary and the County FA will only deal with club secretaries
Secretary Bank Details?
If the secretary leaves you must notify the bank that he or she is longer acting on the clubs behalf and that they are authorised signatories for any cheques or banking options.
Club Secretary Duties
1. Write, receive and respond to all Club correspondence as required. Provide assistance and act as liaison between team managers and League and County FA officials. Pass on information to club members when appropriate. Maintain files appropriately.
2. Arrange periodic Management Committee meetings at Club headquarters. Book the room and prepare and distribute Agendas and necessary paperwork. Ensure preparation and distribution of Minutes of all Committee meetings.
3. Attend League meetings.
4. Complete and submit, annually (May), County FA Affiliation and League membership forms, giving full details of coming season's teams, managers and officials. Ensure ALL volunteers have a FA CRB.
5. Distribute blank player registration forms to each team manager, as instructed, in preparation for the coming season. Managers are also requested to complete a pro-forma sheet with details of each player for Club records.
6. Receive each team's registration forms and check that they are correctly completed.
7. Arrange preparation of detailed fixture lists from those issued by the League and pass to team managers and venues where pitches are hired.
8. Request from team managers, prior to the start of each season, an up-to-date inventory of kit and equipment so that any returns/transfers can be agreed or needs determined. Kit remains the property of the Club.
9. Arrange Annual Presentation events, inviting guests as requested by the Management committee, plus the organisation of purchase of trophies, team photos for sponsors etc. Assist with the arrangements of any Club fund raising events, as required.
10. Act as second signatory for Club cheques. Liaise regularly with the Treasurer. Maintain a small Petty Cash flow to cover postage /administration expenses.
Many of the above duties can be delegated to other members of the Management Committee although control and responsibility rests with the Secretary, to whom the County FA and League will look as the representative of the Club

The FA have released the new Respect campaign Codes of Conducts:

The codes of conducts for:
  • Young Players
  • Spectators/Parents
  • Match Officials
  • Coaches/Team Managers/Club Officials
  • Adult Players
Each person should sign the respective code and the club secretary should keep a copy
Download Code of Conduct F.A. PDF